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Open Water Swimming Festival

Hello Swimmers!

As you know we’ve had our Early Bird Offers up for several months now and thank you to all those that have entered so far. However we are now approaching the last week of availability for these offers.

Our 2015 BEST Swim Festival is going to be the BEST yet, with the GB Talent Squad returning for their second consecutive year and the introduction of our BRAND NEW event, Es Carbo Italian Volcano.

So if you still have an empty space in your calendar between 23rd and 30th May, then take a look at the ‘Schedule’ menu – it’s a mix of our fantastic Colonia Classics race series and more relaxed ‘challenge’ style swims, all in/around the beautifully clear and natural waters of Colonia St Jordi.
All of the above prices will increase as of 31st January 2015.

Additional Special Offers:
(*Offers cannot be combined and may be withdrawn at any time)
Enter all 3 Colonia Classics for 100 euros (an additional ‘Early Bird’ bonus!)*
Enter all 4 'challenge' swims and receive a free individual relay entry. (Individual entries will be 'pooled' into teams as required)*
Enter every individual event and receive 10% discount off the combined full price*
Club/Team organisers receive 1 x free entry for every 8 swimmers entering a specific event. (Free entry into the same event; e.g. 9 entries for the price of 8)*

For more information about our event please contact 
bestswimfest@gmail.com or go to our website: http://bestopenwater.com/best-fest/

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